Brighton Mod Weekender 2014

Organised by The New Untouchables Scooter Cub this was a great get together of Mods from all over the country and even Europe! 10 of our members were their and one member Paul Grant (Maroon suit and black hat) was last there 50 years ago when there was trouble between the Mods and the Rockers! (See Paul’s report below) Hope you enjoy at least some of the pictures and I chucked in a couple of short videos too. We’ll be back there next year 😉 Scroll down for Yutube slideshow

Paul Grant’s report: I was so pleased when the club decided to do this year’s mod weekender. 2014 is a special year, as it celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the  ” disturbances ” that took place in Brighton.. We all know about the events that unfolded there. We have all seen Quadrophenia.. I was there fifty years ago, and have not been back since. This year was very special for me, and, turned out to be quite emotional as well. Once or twice, i had to separate myself from everybody, and compose myself. Our journey to Brighton, was difficult to start with, as we suffered a couple of breakdowns, but as true mods, we overcame the problems. From the moment we arrived, to the moment we left, the weekend was magical. I can only describe the atmosphere as incredible, the friendship and camaraderie superb. We were all mods together, and it seemed like we had known each other all our lives. Endless hand shaking, constant ” you look good mate ” Getting to the scooters there, nothing short of magnificent some wonderful machines, many  museum quality , in terms of restoration and presentation.. One stood out, a series two Lambretta in blue and lashings of chrome, wow, what a  cracker, i told the owner so. I should also mention the attractive girl from Germany , on her leopard skin Vespa, which she had done herself.. I expect we all saw Marilyn Monroe, who looked great, and posed for many photos I should also mention the two Jimmy Lambrettas, both good replicas…Mods everywhere, bands playing, scooters whizzing up and down..We also visited a nightclub which was good, namely myself, Paul, Andy and Justin. One band stood out for me  ” The Truth “. Several highlights, We saw all the scenes, streets etc. used in Quadrophenia. ,not forgetting  ” the alley “, where we all posed for photos. We also gathered outside Jump the Gun. where we met some great mods, and saw some nice scooters.. Weekend passed far to quickly, an experience i shall never forget, looking forward to next year. Many thanks to the New Untouchables for putting on this wonderful event
Paul Grant. Mod forever.