Festival Weekend 2012

BMAD organised this event for the 8th year running and all proceeds go to various charities. See their website for details at www.bmad.co.uk . It was great to see our new gazebo up for the first time after a tricky start trying to erect it and it was good of a neighbouring trader to help us put it up (Thanks Alan). Thanks too to Steve from the Showmen Scooter Club for joining us in the arena especially as we were a bit thin on the ground! Cheers mate and hope you had a good day. Luckily the sun was shining all day in Paignton and by the afternoon there were 6 of us from our club that had turned up with the scooters (Paul, Ray, George, Mike, Ken and Terry). We had a great time and the visitors seem to enjoy themselves seeing our display with the scooters parked in front. I guess the highlight of my day was when a couple of Hells Angels from Windsor came up to us and Terry said “I used to fight with you lot!!” I’m surprised that they didn’t disagree and say you couldn’t have done you’re still alive! lol. Unfortunately as there was a problem with the camera these are the only pictures we have. But the gazebo stayed up all day and no doubt we will be back there again next year!