Isle Of Wight 2008

Torbay Mods visit the Isle of Wight Rally

Report: For the second year running 7 of Torbay Mods Scooter Club ride to and take part in what is believed to be the biggest scooter rally in the world which takes part on Isle of Wight. Most of us camp at Kite Hill near Ryde and it only rained once during Sunday morning but cleared up for the big ride out at 1pm from Ryde to the Rugby field. Thanks to all the residence on the Isle of Wight for their tolerance and hospitality as we had a great time on the island with entertainment such as the tribute band The Small Fakers who performed and looked the part spookily! Some of the songs such as Lazy Sunday Afternoon made the hair stand up on the back of my neck … talk about Back To The Future!!! Another successful event for VFM to whom we are very grateful