Isle Of Wight 2010

Torbay Mods visit the Isle of Wight Rally

8 Torbay Mods members and 3 friends attended the rally which as you can see from the pictures turned out to be a fantastic weekend under mostly blue skies! It was nearly a disaster for one of our members though when George had a front wheel puncture on the A380 not long after setting off on the journey. Flying back and forth across 3 lanes of speeding traffic George cleverly managed to hang on for dear life and avoided snogging the tarmac! Luckily too the traffic could see there was a little problem and they managed to avoid him to so thankfully the old fools OK! One big bonus for the club was that Stan after being very ill was able to be with us on the island and take part in the ride out. Some of us returned home after the ride out while others went back on the bank holiday Monday