Isle of Wight 2020

Paul, Steve and Rob meet at Haldon Hill and set off on their scooters to the Isle of Wight. Steve and Rob are on their Vespa GTS 300’s while Paul is on his Lambretta V200 Special. The ferry departed at 2pm and they only just made it. They stayed for 3 nights at the Harrow Lodge Hotel in Shanklin near the coast. Paul, Steve and Rob caught the Lymington ferry and headed home to Torbay through the New Forrest on the Bank Holiday Monday.

This rally was unofficial as it had been cancelled by the organisers due to the Covid-19 pandemic but 1000’s of scooterists turned up for the weekend. You can see many of their scooters on Ryde sea front in THIS SLIDE SHOW and in the ride out (which took place on the Sunday) in the VIDEO below. Thanks for watching