Run From The Scum 2011

13th May – 15th May (Weekend)  Run From The Scum was organised by BSRA (British Scooter Rallies Association). This annual rally for Scooter enthusiasts took place at Trevelgue Holiday Camp in Newquay. 6 of Torbay Mods SC attended the Rally and had a great time over the weekend. We arrived a bit late at 10.45pm as George had a clutch go on his Vespa and had to revert to riding his Lambretta! Luckily we found a shop open on the way and got some food and drink so we could have a decent breakfast the next day. The ride out was very well organised and the marshals did a great job making sure we didn’t take a wrong turning! Thanks to all those involved for making it an enjoyable event for everyone