SW1TV Filming in Paignton

BELOW: Our club were filmed by SW1TV in November 2013 and this was part of a short film not shown by them. Some of the people from our club that took part on their scooters are Mark Broadhurst, Sid Cashin, Paul Grant, Terry Styles, Mike King, John Parr, Russell Harris, Martin Pomroy, Steve Miller, Ray Waller and Paul & Janet. Some friends joined us and they were Daisy from Lost Souls SC, Will Carter, Mike Phillips and Sarah (Pillion on Mark’s scooter).  As you can see we had great fun in the making of this fabulous video. You can see more motoring videos from SW1TV on line at http://sw1tv.com/motormadClick on MOTORMAD 4 and to see more of our club move 19 minutes into the video